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To color your summer !

Nuts, dried fruits, and soft dried fruits are know for their healthgiving benefits, and for keeping your body in top form

Soft dried fruits are incredibly, as well as being high in carbohydrates and natural sugars wich are ideal for a balanced diet if consumed in reasonable quantities.

Find out more about enjoying dried fruits during every season to give yourself a boost !

To color your summer

Dried fruits and nuts can help liven up your salads this summer !


Thanks to their sweet, pleasant taste, dried fruits such as raisins can add colour to your salads.

¼ cup of raisins is equivalent to one portion of fruit and is an easy way to consume one of your five a day. Raisins are also high in iron and potassium.


Think about hazelnuts fot a delicious snack ! 

Hazelnuts are not only rich in phosphorous, but also help to boost your metabolism. They add an original touch spinkled over vegetable crumble or ice-cream for people with a sweet tooth !


Whether consumed simply salted with pre-dinner drinks with friends or toasted, almonds are highly recommented for vegetarians thanks to their high level thanks to their high level of protein, vital for maintaining good health.

You can take almonds everywhere for a healthy snack at any time of day !