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Our expertise

The traceability of fruit

Maître Prunille selects the finest varieties and establishes strict specifications for how to grow, pick, and dry the fruit.

The result of this demanding approach:

top notch fruit improved flavour
and total traceability.

The company can offer this guarantee by monitoring all stages of production: from producer to the consumer’s table.


Quality control

The entire firm is focused on an overriding priority:

customer satisfaction

Quality control is based on the IFS (International Food Safety) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) standards.
This enables us to develop our industrial sites in keeping with respect for people, ethics, and the environment.

Environmental protection

The group’s voluntary commitment is reflected in the way they manage water, have installed photovoltaic panels, reduced energy consumption, and recycled waste.

The prune cooperative is also involved with organic agriculture.
Compliance prior to certification is monitored by ECOCERT.


Innovation: a key factor

Modernising facilities goes along with supporting innovation in all its forms, and a pledge for the future.
This concerns new flavours, varieties, packaging, etc.
Our team adapts to a host of different food preferences to be in tune with consumer expectations, reflected in three key words – products that are :

simple, natural, and delicious

These are all essential, both today and tomorrow, to the culture of innovation.